From: Daniel John Hanneman
Chicago, Illinois

Dear In-the-Closet Healer,

It’s tough when you can’t be who you are.

When you feel you must hold yourself back to please others and to feel safe.

Your family, friends, co-workers, and even neighbors may see you one way, but deep down inside, you feel so tired of hiding that you can’t take it any more.

It’s time to stop limiting yourself from being the healer that you are.

It’s true many intuitives sense they have healing gifts, but wind up causing their own energy blocks by staying in the closet.

But, what if… you can come out as a healer and touch lives with your intuitive gifts in 30 days?


Are you ready to CLAIM YOUR INTUITIVE, PSYCHIC and HEALING GIFTS as a healer?


Do you want to have an EASY YES PATH for people to want your services and feel confident and joyful in knowing you are succeeding in living your life purpose?

If you find yourself saying, “YES”, then my Energy Scan Training Home Study Program is the right path for you to THRIVE and ROCK as an INVINCIBLE HEALER!!!

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The reasons why you haven’t come out and claimed your intuitive and healing gifts are really quite simple and even easy to fix.

What has limited you is:

  • Lack of support from family, friends, peers, and other around you
  • Lack of confidence in your abilities because you’ve felt afraid to approach others for support
  • You wonder, “Who am I to be a healer?”
  • You think that because you have not healed and have too many blocks that you can’t be a healer
  • You feel like you have to be a clear channel for guidance
  • You aren’t sure if you can make money with a healing business

Other healers like you struggled before coming out and claiming their intuitive and healing gifts.

Limiting beliefs often keep you from realizing your full potential.

But, you can’t do it alone. What you need is a fun, intuitive way to tap into your intuitive and healing gifts with the help of a supportive community. Then you can enjoy earning a thriving income helping others in the world.

It really is simple to trust yourself and step forward as a healer.

The truth is that to claim yourself as a healer, you have to gain confidence in your intuitive gifts.

Sometimes we think others were born with natural confidence and ability to heal others.

They weren’t.

At one time, every healer started right where you are now.

My Journey From In The Closet To Thriving As A Healer

I was once in the closet as a healer. It has taken me over a decade (or my entire life really) to claim my gifts of intuition and healing. When I started my healing and coaching business over 8 years ago, I struggled to generate money as a coach and healer.

My commitment to be of service in the world led me to boldly trust my gifts each step of the way. Spirit downloaded and guided me to use Energy Scans in my business.

At first, I had no idea how to use them effectively to attract new clients. I doubted my ability and, other times, felt frightened by what I was capable of knowing.

When I discovered how to effectively use Energy Scans to attract and help new clients in the most impactful way, people were very impressed by how fast and deep I could know things about them.

It became so easy to offer my services that my INCOME DOUBLED quickly and then continued to increase steadily. I was able to support my entire family financially through coaching and healing. PLUS – I started paying down all the HUGE DEBT I accumulated before discovering Energy Scans.

Since this time, I have trained people around the world to use Energy Scans to help more people AND generate more income in their businesses!! In some cases, I have taken people from ROCK BOTTOM ZERO to $5,000 to $10,000 or more per month within a matter of months (some less then 30 days)!!

There’s nothing holding you back from being confident and living abundantly using your healing and intuitive gifts to touch the lives of others.

The Time Is NOW To Step Into Being The Healer You Already Are To Live Your Purpose

I get you started through this very powerful Energy Scan Training.

Here is what I know is true for you… if you feel you have intuitive and healing gifts you want to bring forward into the world in a much bigger way… AND you want to THRIVE with MONEY PROSPERITY while using your healing gifts… I would strongly recommend that you enroll in the Energy Scan Training Home Study Program.

With Energy Scans, you can fast track your potential to claim yourself as a healer and gain a bunch of new clients right away.

It is time to claim yourself as a healer. Each day, the news is filled with terrible things going on in our towns, our countries, our world.

So many people are limited by fear. They aren’t able to express themselves even if they sense they have intuitive and healing gifts.

Even if they do come out of the closet as healers, so many of them have a poverty conscious mindset that keeps them in suffering.

They think they have to give their services away for free.

I’m on a mission to help you thrive as a healer.

You see, when you use your healing and intuitive gifts to help others, you pour out an abundance of love and blessings into their lives that continues to spread through many more peoples’ lives. Your life is not meant to be on the sidelines. You are not meant to just be okay in life. You can show up and do what you’re here to do – your mission to help others. If you wait any longer to come out of the closet as a healer, you’re only hurting yourself and others. The time is now to trust yourself and learn how to use Energy Scans. Here’s why.

Energy Scans will attract clients to you!

The Energy Scan Training Home Study Program Helps You:

  • Claim Your Intuitive, Psychic, and Healing Gifts
  • Understand How To Build Your 1-1 Healing Practice
  • Attract New Clients FAST
  • Understand How Energy Scanning Will Clear Out Energies For All Areas Of Your Life
  • Manifest Miracles For Yourself on Demand
  • Build Invincible Confidence As A Healer
  • Develop An Unstoppable Method To Consistently Gain New Clients
  • Be Supported In A Loving Community With Other Healers Around The Globe
  • Add A Minimum Of An Extra 5 to 10 Clients To Your Healing Business Per Month
  • Increase Sales By Hundreds Or Thousands of Dollars Per Month
  • Discover an easy YES path for people to experience you and want your services
  • Increase The Capacity Of Transformational Power To Your Healing Work
  • Remove All Your Deepest Doubts About Yourself As A Healer
  • Increase Your Self-Esteem, Joy, & Knowing You Are Living Your Purpose
  • Gain Countless New Referrals From Potential and Ongoing Clients
  • Become A Celebrity Due To Power Of Your Intuitive, Psychic, and Healing Gifts
  • Become Other People’s “Go To Healer” For Whatever Is Going On For Them

This is a proven opportunity for you to generate clients in your healing, coaching, or intuitive business and finally thrive financially while serving your purpose in the world.

Energy Scans Bring In New Clients!

I went from struggling as a single mom, going month to month in my healing business to increased finances in the first month. It was a no-brainer to do the Energy Scan Training. After the weekend, I had calls out of the blue with a lot of interest from people wanting to work with me. It opened up a flood of people. I tripled my clients with Daniel’s help. It was a huge opening and gave me the confidence to act boldly to help people. People were signing up saying, “Here’s my credit card. I know this is right for me.” I went from the last little bit of my money to pay the mortgage and invested in myself with Daniel’s help. In six months time, I went to $10,000 and then shortly after up to $15,000. It was so simple, it was kind of ridiculous. It was a breakthrough for me working with Daniel.

Tammy Hiatt Monaco

I felt as though my business was in a slump. I became very concerned about my finances and business plan. I turned to Dan Hanneman for help.

Dan pinpointed exactly what I needed to do: offer free 15 minute energy scans for people. I sent out an email offering free energy scans to whoever wanted one. Little did I know what a HUGE shift this was going to manifest. Within the first 24-48 hours I was inundated with 80+ emails from people requesting free scans.

When I began doing the scans, people were so excited about the outcomes that they began referring friends, family, and colleagues to me for free scans. The whole project has delightfully snowballed into a valuable offering for my business, drawing in new people and giving me opportunities to let them get to know me and to become my clients or to take advantage of other services that have always been in the back-seat of my business.

Thanks to Dan, my business and I have both shifted dramatically. I am delighted to be working with Dan because he has helped me and my business soaring to new levels of success.

Nedda Wittels

Animal Communicator & Healer,



How to Approach the Energy Scan Session with Your Client to Provide a Sacred Container of Trust And Allow Deep Truth to Unfold


Learn how you can cosmically tap into any energy field including your own and other people’s energy fields


Understand specific methods for receiving powerful guidance for yourself and others


What it REALLY TAKES to allow yourself to be very effective in getting DEEP TRANFORMATIONS for your client


How to approach these powerful offerings and secret keys to allowing them to happen for YOU


Learn the 8-Step Process to Using Energy Scans to Tune Into Your Client


How using Energy Scans are a perfect NATURAL WAY TO EFFECTIVELY SERVE as a healer


How to establish an ongoing powerful connection to be better able to tap into energy fields


Discover how you can find and gain new clients through using the Energy Scans


How to establish a constant and abundant supply of new potential clients



Identify the Root Cause of Your Client’s Problem in the 7 Major Chakras System


Understand what aspects of consciousness that are reflected in the 7 major chakras


How to read all of the 7 Major Chakras, how the energy flows, and the type of blocks you are likely to find


Methods for detecting specific blocks and their root causes in each of the 7 Major Chakras


Discover how you can use your 7 Major Chakra information as a road map for their transformation for your potential client and ongoing clients


Discover an Effective Healing Technique to Use through Channeled Prayer to Amplify and Increase Your Confidence In Healing


Instructions on increasing your confidence in doing Energy Scans


Discover the powerful basics of my channeled prayer work for healing yourself and others


Amplify and Increase Your Confidence In Your Healing Capacity


Learn a Step-By-Step System to Enroll New Clients Into Saying YES for Your Services and Packages with Energy Scans


Understand how to enroll new clients into their transformations directly through the use of Energy Scanning


Discover how you can dramatically increase your income through using Energy Scans


How to start selling bigger programs faster through using Energy Scans


Critical keys to much greater sales success (without them, you may forever struggle with enrolling new clients)


How to be of the greatest service to your clients and enjoying the greater MONEY success that comes with it



Find the Hot Spots Where Your Clients Hang Out and Approach Them with Energy Scans Fast


Discover why Energy Scans are so effective for attracting clients to you in need of your help


Learn where to offer your Energy Scans to have some of the fastest responses to having your perform an Energy Scan with clients


Establish key lead generating techniques to establish in your business to get clients to say yes to having an Energy Scan with you – just wash, rinse, and repeat


Find out how to structure your Energy Scans for the specific needs of your clients and attract more niche-focused clients in your business

You Will Have Support Every Step of the Way!

What is learning a new technique without having support?
With the Energy Scan Training Home Study Program you will receive:


3 demonstrations of Energy Scanning and Channeled Prayer

I provide you with 3 demonstrations of Energy Scanning and Channeled Prayer so that you will know exactly how to perform each technique. You receive the recorded demonstrations and Q&A calls.

Full access to a private Facebook group for support among your peers

In addition, you will gain access to a private Facebook group for support among your peers as you move through the program and beyond.

Get connected to practice partners

Once you’re connected to the Facebook group, you can ask for practice partners throughout your training program for you to practice these techniques with healers also in the training.

A private 15-minute Energy Scan Specialist call

I’ve even set up a private 15-minute Energy Scan Specialist call with one of our amazing Energy Scan Specialists. They have helped many individuals and healers shift from fearful to thriving with their healing work.

You’ll Also Receive Transformational Bonuses to Help You Thrive as an Invincible Healer


How to Eliminate Your Deepest Doubts About Your Intuitive and Psychic Abilities MP3


MP3 Recordings will be given to you for every single training



You will receive a written 28 page Energy Scan Training Guide with how to powerfully do Energy Scanning, staying confident and grounded, article marketing template for attracting people to do Energy Scans with you, and easily enrolling clients into services through Energy Scans!!! (VALUE: $97)


Clear Your Own Energy Program with 30 Days of Channeled Prayer

These 8 classes give you the foundations for manifesting what you truly desire into your life. You’ll clear through money blocks and discover manifesting techniques that increase your abundance. Includes 30 days of Channeled Prayer Work.

Here are the RESULTS that you are INTENDED to receive through this program:




Greater confidence, ease, and results in manifesting your true desires


Feeling a greater peace, joy, flow, and grace in your life


Discover how to manifest money miracles and greater peace around money


Radiating the energy frequency of the right relationships that you want to enjoy


Experience increased vibrancy in your energy and health


New clarity, alignment, and action taking to step forward with your life purpose

VALUE: $497

Your Investment in Energy Scan Training Will Transform Your Life

When you consider everything you might have tried in the past to gain new clients, how many more people could you have helped with a powerful and natural loving tool like the Energy Scan??

How much healing, transformation, and money has ALREADY slipped through your fingers?

What if you could have attracted another two, three, five, or ten new clients per month?

And think about the headaches and stress that you have already experienced in trying to gain new clients… PLUS -all of the HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS poured into advertising, healing programs, training programs, coaching, and/or sales products/programs with little or no financial results. NOW it is YOUR TURN to step forward and claim this breakthrough method of becoming a POWERFUL AND PROSPEROUS HEALER!!!

SHIFT from BEING INVISIBLE to INVINCIBLE as a Healer with Energy Scans!

I began the journey of offering my services as a coach and was looking for a way to step out in a big way. Through my interaction with Dan Hanneman and the Energy Scan training, I learned I had been sweeping my gifts under the rug and was capable of so much more!

When I heard Dan’s strategy to offer intuitive Energy Scans to meet potential clients, I was sold– what a great idea! It was inspiring to realize that I could be offering a service for free (that’s easy), and in the process these potential clients see that I “get them” and they get to know me by experiencing my ability first hand, as well as see an example of how I am able to help them attain their transformation!

I was able to start providing valuable intuitive Energy Scans virtually immediately. Energy Scans have been a powerful experience for me and many that I serve. For those individuals I already knew, I now know them at a much deeper level, for those I just met, it’s a great start to a meaningful relationship and an experience they’ll remember, and for both, they now know that I’m here to assist them on their journey. I’ve also experienced the Energy Scan shift their energy right on the spot– creating a path toward realizing their potential, and their dreams. And for some, I have the pleasure of continuing our relationship through coaching, healing, and supporting them as they claim and realize their transformation! THAT’S what I’m here for! …to inspire people to live their greatest lives!

Jill Borsos

Transformation Coach & Healer,

My biggest challenge before taking the Energy Scan Training was my ability to find my purpose in life. I always knew I was different and could feel and see things others couldn’t, but didn’t know what to do with it, so I buried it. Since taking the Energy Scan Training, I learned I’m not alone, that I am powerful and can use my gift to help anyone I come into contact with.

I feel more confident in what I can do, not only in healing work, but also in my life. The Energy Scan Training transformed my ability to look deeper and see this gift I used to hide away. I have a sense of purpose and ability to help others transform.

When I shared my new-found understanding of myself with my close friends, they told me they always saw it in me and weren’t the least bit surprised. I was the one who didn’t see what those who care for me did. Now, it’s as if a large boulder has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel like I am coming home to who I am.

Lisa Berman

My biggest challenge was asking for the sale from the client. The Energy Scanning technique gave me a bridge to connect to clients. This increased enrollment in my services significantly. After taking the Energy Scan Training, I had a system to offer Energy Scans, ask for referrals, offer my services, and have a way to get paid by credit card. I even felt confident in my ability and raised my session costs to clients. I have now received 15 clients who bought packages from me. These people willingly paid my higher fees. The Energy Scan Training significantly increased my confidence. It gave me what I needed to take action and use prayer work. I am amazed at how powerful the prayer work is and how clients love it. It’s also a bonus that Dan makes the training fun. This was the course that clicked all I needed into place for me to build my healing business.

Douglas Purcell

Dan is an incredible healer. I went from hardly any clients to having almost everyone I did an energy scan with saying yes to working with me. I blew by my modest financial goal and am excited to take it to the next level with Dan! He’s not the kind of trainer who will just tell you what you want to hear – he’ll move you through your blocks by naming them and claiming them and then being present while YOU make a deeper choice. I highly recommend Dan – he will help you if you are ready to be helped!

Barret Hedeen

Nicole Isler

My biggest challenge before taking the Energy Scan Training Virtual Weekend was the need for a mentor to recognize my intuitive gifts and teach me how to trust that I could use them. Dan has given me the recognition of my gifts, which gave me strength.

Now I feel more centered and able to say what I sense about others and stand my ground. I am able to read people while talking to them and show them their highest potential. Since I am giving them a new perspective, they value my reflection of what I say to them.

I gained confidence in my abilities and am more in tune with my intuition. I am using this confidence in my business right away by offering a training program to my clients, knowing I have the skills I need to get the results I want.”

Miriam Kuhle

Zhineng Amsterdam,

Learning the energy scan technique gave me an easy and highly effective way to reach out to new clients on a profoundly deep level that has a positive effect for both me and my clients. Thanks Dan!

Vicki Holleman

Intuitive Journal,

I have always been fascinated about being able to scan someone’s energy body and when Dan offered this training, I jumped at the chance. Before this course I could connect on various levels with my clients, but found that the results could be hit and miss. It just felt like I was missing a few pieces of information. It turned out I was! During the training Dan explained the concepts of energy scanning and went so much deeper into specific techniques to connect to the energy field of another person. I finally had the missing pieces. As a result, I am now able to consistently and confidently do energy scans for my clients. This training has allowed me to up-level my skills as a healer and offer amazingly accurate information to my clients and receive many glowing testimonials from them. Now I am able to offer energy scan sessions as a gateway for clients to work with me in a bigger way.”

Laura Warnke

Intuitive Journal,



Invincibility Guarantee & No Refund Policy

We have discovered the most powerful way for you to succeed through all that we share through this weekend and our bonus program is that you stay 100% committed to utilize all that is shared on your behalf.  After you secure your commitment today, you are fully committed and we honor your 100% commitment absolutely. There are NO REFUNDS available and NO TRANSFERS to future events. We are 100 % committed to your own deep commitment to gain everything you are meant to receive through this entire opportunity and guarantee to take an invincible stand for your success as a healer!! The TRUTH is that the only way that you become defeated is when you stop and allow the machinations of the mind to take over your life. When you invest fully from the beginning and stay committed, there is no way possible for anything but full benefit of your deepest commitment to become inevitable. We believe in your Infinite Power and Potential to make a deep difference in the world as an INVINCIBLE HEALER!!

Thank you Dan for sharing this very effective, systematic, and hugely profitable technique of offering free 15 minute energy scans. It was the missing piece in my practice. I started very not sure of myself, of what I was intuiting, but after a first few, I felt very confident knowing that what I was sharing was very accurate. I loved the feeling of giving first and then seeing if they wanted to follow through in healing what came up. I now feel I can finally achieve my financial goals, and I feel in control of how much I earn as opposed to before where I would helplessly play for clients to come without the action taking I do now! This has been the best investment of my life.

Tarek Bibi

Hi Dan, I just wanted to tell you how awesome I think your program is! It has literally changed my life and how I work with my clients. It gave me a much better understanding of how to go about reading a clients energy and discovered the WEALTH of knowledge contained in it! I’m floored how dramatically it has changed my thoughts even though I have been working with energy for years. It’s JUST what I needed at the perfect time! Did I mention how drastically it changed my income too? It MORE THAN QUADROUPLED my income in a very short time….who wouldn’t want that?! I would certainly recommend the program! Thanks so much for sharing your gifts with the world and with me individually. Light and Love to you, Dan…. .

Pamela Fortin

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